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About Me

This is by far the most difficult part for me to do: writing about myself. Who likes to do just that? I will try my best to give you a little insight about me.

I was born and raised in the north of Germany. Following my heart, I quit my job as a Customer Service Manager with Johnson & Johnson in Germany in Spring 1998, moved across the North Sea with 2 suitcases and 2 additional boxes right into the home of my now wonderful husband Gareth. I was 27 years old, my parents and friends thought I was mad, but I haven't looked back since. We lived for 2 amazing years in America as well as twice in the fabulous city of Stockholm. Over the years we added members to our family, which makes us a very busy, yet very happy household of 4. If our beautiful children could have their way, our family would be surrounded by at least 3 more 4 legged members. Watch this space, is all I say, but now back to me.

When did I start being interested in photography? I've always loved any kind of photographs, whether they capture nature, architecture, life as it is, interior design or people of all ages. I absolutely love photography. If I would have to settle for only one style of photography, it certainly would be portrait photography with a little twist. Capturing interactions, expressions, features or simply the beautiful human body as it is, is truly wonderful. Never boring, always exciting.

Being German, it troubles me at times, but only for a few seconds, that I haven't got a formal education in photography. However, what I do have is an incredible passion for photography and the resulting happiness of my clients. There is nothing better about my job, than seeing massive smiles on my clients' faces and sometimes even tears of joy. Who wouldn't love that? By doing what I love, I have gained many years of practical experience and plenty of happy and loyal clients.

My journey doesn't stop here. I keep challenging myself, setting new targets, soaking up knowledge through various channels and of course shooting...and shooting...